Unraveling Time

Unraveling Time

Two worlds, one concert! 

That is the motto of the new collaboration between Clara Biermasz and StarkLinnemann. Words such as ‘present’ and ‘past’ lose their meaning after attending a concert by these musicians. How do they do that?

The perception of time enters into another dimension through the extraordinary performance of classical masterpieces played in original as well as in a modern revised form. As a result, musical fragments can end up differently in the memory of the listener during or some time after the concert. 

When the original and revised musical fragments merge into a collective memory of the experienced concert, the pursuit of StarkLinnemann and Biermasz succeeded.

Unraveling time is a musical project that gets the audiences’ hearts involved. After all, the conversion of human emotions into musical beauty is of all times!


The StarkLinnemann formation is like no other capable of connecting music-historical periods and geographically determined differences to musical styles. 

Their Universal Crossover Music projects in which classical masterpieces have been translated into a convincing 21st century idiom have been received very positively by the Dutch and foreign press. With overwhelming concerts at many festivals in i.a. Philharmonia St. Petersburg and The Royal Concertgebouw Amsterdam StarkLinnemann has left an ineradicable impression on the Dutch and international music scene.

Clara Biermasz

The Dutch-born pianist Clara Biermasz received her musical training at the Franz Liszt Music Academy in Budapest, Hungary, and at the University of Music and the Performing Arts in Vienna. She completed her M.A. with distinction in 2012.

She is an award-winner at many international competitions, including the VSB Prize and the Youth Jury Prize at the Princess Christina Competition in the Netherlands (1996), the first prize in the category of chamber music and ‘Primo Premio Assoluto’ – the overall winner in all categories (respectively in duo with Ádám Jávorkai) at the international competition ‘Premio Città di Padova’, Italy (2008) and she was a prize-winner at the ‘18th International Chamber Music Competition Thessaloniki’ in Greece.

Clara is artistic director of the Dutch Chopin Foundation and vice president of the International Chopin Society in Vienna. 

Concerts at prestigious festivals like the Beethoven Festival Wien, the Chopin Festival in Gaming (Austria) the ‘Settimane musicali al Teatro Olimpico’ and in halls like the Wiener Konzerthaus.